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Well Woman Check

Have a regular check and take responsibility for your lifetime health.

Experience shows that a large proportion of women presenting at our centre, had not seen a health professional or had an M.O.T since relocating to Spain possibly 5 years ago! Please be aware that regularly checking on a number of symptoms can avoid diseases and contributes to a lifetime health.

What happens at the clinic?

Your appointment will last around 45 minutes to 1 hour and will be carried out by our General Practitioner Bernadette Veeger and our nurse Karen Fagan.

First you start with a questionnaire including medical/surgical history, family diseases, and lifestyle choices. Followed by:

  • A blood pressure reading
  • An urine spot check for diabetes/infection/liver problems
  • A weight and B.M.I. is calculated and dietary/exercise advice given accordingly
  • An E.C.G. (heart recording); a painless procedure
  • A breast and axillary examination
  • Blood testing for cholesterol and diabetes
  • Other bloods if deemed necessary by the doctor
  • The doctor will discuss all medical problems and -if necesarry- review any medication
  • A cervical smear test will be offered
  • Referrals for mammograms will be made if necessary
  • Pre/post menopausal advice
  • Sexual health and contraceptive advice

Price: € 90.00

For more information and appointments, please contact us.

What about receiving results?

On the day you will receive a lot of information i.e. blood pressure, urine test, E.C.G.breast exam – if all is normal.
Blood results we will personally give to you within a few days, the smeartest result will take 3 weeks and again you will be contacted personally.

What about the men?

Yes,  we have had the odd man at our womans clinic - usually brought along in tow with the Mrs. We are happy that the men are coming along to "face the music". It is well documented that men are not good in accessing health care and are normally forced into seeing the doctor by their nearest and dearest.

Men are most welcome and have nothing to feel intimidated about. There are just as important screening examinations recommended for men, entailing screening for testicular and prostatic cancer. The price for a well man check is € 90.00 as well.


Screening for these diseases and cancers can save lives and heartbreak!

Click here to read the article "Focus on Women´s Health" (published November 2010)

For more information and appointments, please contact us.



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