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Simple Touch Healing - Carol Ann


Carol Ann will be working in the practice of Dr. Bernadette Veeger from the 4th till the 7th of October to give sessions as a Simple Touch healer that works with the self regulating capacity of the body and the capacity of releasing emotional blockages or physical blockages in the body. This method gives excellent results. C

arol is primal rebirth therapist, specialized in trauma healing, relationship dynamic and essence work, and gives (body) psychotherapy, trauma (healing) therapy and relationship therapy. With her wide expertise and education she is able to help you with personal issues. With a background in Human Resources and employment law she is able to coach you in your career development or expectations.

Also she is able through nine star ki, a Chinese philosophy which is based on the 5 elements, to prove insight in your qualities, characteristics, blockages and development possibilities and how you can solve issues in this matter. In order to do this she needs your name and date of birth one week before arrival in Spain in order to make the report.

Carol can be booked for sessions of one hour. The costs are €50,-.

Carol Ann has her own practice for many years now in the Netherlands where she works with passion and her trained intuition and where she coaches on a daily basis. It is possible to book more sessions on request through skype.


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