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Hydrocolon Therapy: What you should know

By Dr Bernadette Veeger (General Practitioner) and Hannelore Knop (Hydro Colon Therapist) at Centro Mar y Salud

Gentle cleaning of the intestine with warm water has a long history. Over 3000 years ago, Egyptian healers described and used hydro colon therapy.  Hippocrates (460-377 b.c.) acknowledged that „all disease begins in the gut“ and recommended different forms of intestinal washes.The famous doctor, Are Waterland, stated „death is located in the intestine“. The Austrian doctor, Franz Xaver Mayr, described chronic intestinal damage as „widespread and one of the most severe sufferings of modern man“. He was the first modern doctor to recognize and prove the relationship between ilnesses and the dispruption of the digestive system.

It is well known that intestinal damage triggers diverse reactions throughout the whole body, often affecting the immune system, the lungs, the bronchi, the musculoskeletal system, the heart, the psyche, the liver and the skin. Only at the beginning of the 20th Century and only after intensive scientific research was chronic constipation with its rotting and fermentation processes diagnosed as a major cause of various diseases. Hydro colon therapy came from the USA in the 1980’s, after it was developed as a safe and easy method for cleaning the colon of astronauts while in spaceflight.

Today, there are hardly any people with a smooth bowel function, and a majority suffers from a disturbing composition of intestinal bacteria. It is better understood that many diseases, infections and complaints, can be attributed to a poorly functioning intestinal system.

Unfortunately „modern“ medicine has developed a pill or a powder for all suffering. However, in many cases, medicines are only treating the symptoms and not the cause. Additionally, our gut may be even more burdened by such prescriptions.

Using light pressure washes with pure water only, hydro-colonic therapy removes accumulated mucosa, chemicals and toxins (for example, from amalgam fillings, lead and cadmium found in the environment). Also, worm nests and unwanted microbes (such as intestinal fungus) are removed from the intestinal pockets and walls of the colon.

It is important to “get the word out” about this beneficial therapy, and we hope this information will stimulate your interest to improve your health. Our general practitioner and therapists will be very happy to inform you more. 

Indications for the Hydro Colon Therapy

Weak Colon
Dermatological Problems
Chronical Infections
Weakened Immune System
Lung Problems
Blood Pressure Problems
Parasitical Infections

Prices for Treatment

1 Treatment     75€

5 Treatments  300€

For more information, please contact us


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