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Gerlinda Smit - Counsellor


Dr Gerlinda Smit is a Dutch Psychologist and Master NLP practitioner. She is specialized in coaching people with, for example: (social) anxiety, stress,depression, relationship problems, life issues, low self steem...

In the Netherlands, Gerlinda has worked for diverse organizations. In her career she was originally focused on doing assessments (personality, intelligence, screening) and counselling in Business / Healthcare environments. Later on, she started to change her focus more and more towards counselling.



She became fascinated by NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This is an approach to Psychotherapy concerned with the relationship between patterns of behaviour and the subjective experience (especially patterns of thought). The last 7 years she has worked as an individual coach / counsellor, helping people with psychological and psychiatric problems to increase their quality of life.

In her coaching / counselling, Gerlinda combines psychological knowledge and experience, with principles and techniques from NLP. Her approach is integrative. Depending on the problems, issues, questions and goals of the client, she offers an individual program for counselling.

Her aim is to keep the counselling relatively short, In about 5 to 10 sessions, visible results should be achieved.

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