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CURETAPE: A New Treatment for Menstrual Pain


By Dr Bernadette Veeger, General Practitioner at Centro Mar y Salud

Many women have different kinds of pains just before or during their periods: abdominal pains, back pains, headache, nausea and vomiting.

A recent study published in the Dutch Journal of Physiotherapy in December 2009 researched the effect of Cure Tape with women who suffer from menstrual pains. Many women in different European countries were already using the tape during their periods but now its effectiveness has been proved with this experimental study.

The study involved 51 young women aged 18-30 years with severe menstrual pains. The pain was measured during four menstrual periods with a common pain scale. No treatment or intervention was given during the first two menstruations and during the 3rd and 4th cycle they were treated with the Cure Tape or with a placebo tape, which was placed on the abdomen and the lower back as you can see on the pictures.
There was a significant decrease in pain in the group treated with the Cure Tape. For the women who did not take oral contraceptives, the effect of the tape was greater than in the women who did take contraceptives.

The Cure- Tape is made of elastic, porous cotton with an anti allergenic layer of acryl and this tape is used worldwide for many various pains and lesions.
The tape should stay on for several days, generally two or three days. You can have a shower or even swim with the tape.
Skin irritations are very seldom.

How does the tape work?

The Cure Tape is an elastic tape and the elasticity is the same as of our own skin. It stimulates the nerve endings in the skin. These nerve pathways have a direct relation with the womb. The womb is influenced through these normal reflexes of the body. The cramps settle down and other symptoms like nausea and headaches will diminish.

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